Diplomats and staff of the UAE Embassy in Mogadishu donated blood for injured in Mogadishu blast.

Members of the UAE diplomatic mission in Mogadishu donated blood for people injured in a deadly the explosion in Mogadishu.

The Diplomats and staff of the UAE Embassy in Mogadishu have shown their solidarity and support for the victims of Somali brothers, and contribute to the efforts to save the lives of fellow Somalis who’s injured in the bloody and brutal attack that targeted innocent people in Mogadishu on Oct 14.

For his part, Shaikh Zayed Hospital in Mogadishu has taken vital role of treating people injured who wounded the explosion.

The Shaikh Zayed Hospital also donated medical equipment and medicine to Some Mogadishu hospitals which received hundreds of wounded People.

The United Arab Emirates has pledged to contribute to the treatment of Mogadishu terror attack Victims, and to provide urgent medical assistance and full support to stand with the government and the people of Somalia in this critical time.


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